Block Paving

If you are looking to resurface your tarmac driveway, you might want to consider an alternative, namely block paving, which does offer the homeowner a number of advantages over other materials. The blocks are much thicker than traditional paving slabs, and when installed into a prepared substrate, they offer a hardwearing and very elegant finish.

  • Stunning Designs – There are so many design possibilities with block paving, and with a range of attractive colours, you can create stunning patterns. Once the blocks are laid, they provide a solid and durable surface that is non-slip, and as the blocks are semi-porous, there are no puddles.
  • Easy to Keep Clean – A block paving driveway is very easy to clean, a quick wash with a power wash and the original surface is restored. If you look at some of the many driveway pavers in Wandsworth, you can see some amazing designs that might give you some inspiration.
  • Stand the Test of Time – Unlike tarmac, a block paved driveway will last for many years, and providing it is installed on correctly prepared ground, there is little that can go wrong. Choose some elegant edging stones and have the pathways to match and you have a very attractive feature to complement your property.
  • Multiple Vehicles – If you have a few cars or a motorhome, you won’t have to worry about the extra weight, as block paving can withstand the heaviest of vehicles, and in the wet, the surface remains slip resistant.

If you would like to explore the potential that a block paving driveway offers, an online search will help you find a local specialist who would be happy to quote for the project.