The most annoying part of being in a hurry is when you forget where you placed the things you need to bring like keys. You kept looking around only to find out 5 minutes later that it was in your pocket. Most people are experiencing being forgetful. This can be very hassling and brings you inconvenience. Not to mention the consequences like being a late or delayed schedule that would ruin our day. But an innovative technology has a solution to that—the Bluetooth tracker.  So how does a Bluetooth tracker work? Bluetooth tracker uses Bluetooth Low Energy Technology. The tracker can be connected to your smartphone to help you keep track of your things’ location. Moreover, the tracker can also track your phone by making it ring. At a very affordable price, you can experience innovation and technology that would make your life easier and convenient. Like other tech innovations, there is a comparison of trackr and tile. You also need to thoroughly check the device to take full advantage of this technology. Here are the things that you should pay attention to when buying the Bluetooth Tracker device.

Things to Check

1.)    Sound of the Device

The most important part of this tracker is the sound volume. The sound volume should loud enough for you to hear especially in noisy places. This is also the very purpose of this device. Having a discreet sound would surely defeat its purpose and at the same time a waste of your money. Make sure that you check this very important aspect before buying it.

2.)    Price of the Device

Aside from taking a look at the specs, make sure that the price of the Bluetooth Tracker you are planning to buy should be reasonable. The price varies according to the device’s specs. Make sure that the specs are what you really need.

3.)    Range of the Device

Another very important spec next to its sound is the range. 30 feet is the standard range of Bluetooth based technology. But this device’s range is extended to the utmost 200 feet. Make sure that the device you are planning to buy is within the range of your areas like your home, office, or room. Always take note that there can be hindrances with the range. Such obstacles could be thick walls and the like. Make sure as well that the range coincides with the sound volume.

4.)    Battery

The battery is another important spec. Bluetooth tracker batteries are designed to have a life span of about half a year or utmost a year. There are batteries that are rechargeable or replaceable. Make sure to check which type of battery suits you and select those that have a longer life span.

It really pays when you check out the important details before taking advantage of something especially when the worth of your money is involved. Now that you have learned about this innovative device and its important specs, always keep this in mind when you purchase one.