If you’re anything like me, you will feel a bit uneasy when you walk into a room without curtains. Regardless of whether the curtains have been removed for washing or the room simply doesn’t have any, I feel like the room is incomplete and empty. Curtains have been a fixture in UK homes for years and years and as well providing privacy and protecting other furnishings from the sun they also possess a surreal homely quality. Although blinds are becoming popular in homes up and down the country and are very practical, they feel a little clinical to me. I expect to see blinds in dentist’s surgeries not in well-loved home! Although you can buy off the peg curtains from large department stores, it really is a lucky dip as to whether they’ll actually fit correctly so it’s better to visit a specialist supplier. Buying custom made bedroom curtains in Stratford-Upon-Avon in my opinion is a much better option than what’s on offer in a department store. In addition to providing high quality curtains, these interior design specialists can also:

  • Produce Bespoke Curtains to Suit your Taste and Budget
  • Offer a Professional Measuring and Installation Service
  • Offer Advice on What Colours/Patterns Complement your Existing Décor

These curtain specialists really do take pride in their work and do much, much more than simply sell curtains. Contact your local curtain specialist for more information about what they can do for your home. You won’t regret it!