In the United Kingdom, we love spending time out there in our gardens, but due to the inclement weather that we get here, we don’t get very many chances to do so. This means that when we do get a couple of dry days to do some work, we have to squeeze all that needs to be done in a short time frame. It’s hard work, but we will get it done. As a result of all this work at one time, we accumulate a lot of grass cuttings, tree and shrub cuttings and weeds and we need somewhere to dump these and get rid of them.

Luckily, there is skip hire in Rainham and these guys can offer a number of different sizes of skips for us to use. They can drop it off and pick it up when it is full. Here are some of the skips on offer.

  1. For gardening jobs and small clear outs, there is the tried and tested mini-skip. It’s small enough to be dropped right beside your home, but big enough to hold everything in one go.
  2. For bigger jobs, there is the walk-in skip, where the front drops down and you can walk the rubbish in. This is useful as it takes away all the heavy lifting when depositing stuff in there.
  3. For building jobs where you want to keep scavengers, kids and animals out of the skip at night, you can hire a skip with a lockable lid. This allows good health and safety practice.

It’s as easy as giving them a call and explaining what your requirements are. They will dispatch the right skip to you immediately.