There are people in the United Kingdom that go about their daily lives with disabilities that you may not be aware of. Just because they are not in a wheel chair or seem like they are not experiencing any difficulties does not mean that they aren’t. A disability can be someone who can’t hear like they used to, or their eyesight has deteriorated to a point that they can only make out shapes now. They may have mental health issues that are not apparent or learning difficulties that are not clearly seen. Whatever their disability, they need assistance and it comes in the form of a disabled facilities grant.

This grant can be invaluable, but the building plans in Birmingham must meet the specific needs of the disabled person. Help can then be provided in the form of a load, a grant, materials, labour and advice. This allows you to make the following adaptations.

  1. Suitable access to a garden or a play area can be made for the disabled person or child. This allows them to experience what you and I take for granted every day.
  2. The accommodation needs to be suitable for a disabled person and if that means making it bigger then that is what will happen. A disabled person has different needs than you or I.
  3. A room can be adapted to make it suitable for a less able person to work from home. They want to make a contribution like you and me, and that is catered for.

With the right building plans, a regular home can become a home for everyone that lives there including those with disabilities.