Boilers have undergone a transformation over the years, and for the average family home, the condensing boiler is the ideal choice; indeed, all new boilers installed in the UK must be of the condensing variety, as they are very energy efficient.

Heat Exchange

The condensing boiler uses a state of the art heat exchanger to utilise the heat in the vapour, which really does cut down on the amount of gas used to maintain a desired environment, and this unit would be made from stainless steel. If you are looking for boiler repair in Richmond, the engineer might recommend you replace that old unit with a combi boiler.

Hot Water on Demand

As the condensing boiler does not need a water tank, you are not heating up water that will not be used, and with state of the art temperature control, your shower will not suddenly heat up when someone turns on the cold tap.

Major Benefits

The condensing boiler offers the following:

  • Does not require a lot of space.
  • No water tank needed.
  • Economical

Most UK homes are fitted with condensing boilers, while larger homes might incorporate a water tank and/or cylinder, as this will feed several bathrooms. If you are running a traditional boiler and it is already a few years old, it might be a good idea to find out how much a combi boiler would cost, and this solution would give you many years of cost-effective heat and hot water. The best time to start saving energy is now, and with an online search, you can locate a local heating specialist who would be happy to quote you for a new combi boiler.