Historically, the building trade can be a dangerous and a hard job to do, but modern advancements have changed all that. Current health and safety guidelines in the United Kingdom have gone a long way to make building sites safer to work on and the creation of scaffolding has helped in that respect as well. Scaffolding has been around for thousands of years in other forms and in China, they used bamboo for their scaffolding and still do today. Scaffolding has made the job so much easier for tradesmen and it makes coming to work a little more bearable.

Scaffolding is expensive to buy, but thankfully, there are expert scaffolding services in Hertford that allow us to hire scaffolding short term or long term. There are many advantages to using scaffolding.

  1. Ladders were great in their time, but they are useless when you have to keep going up and down the ladder and moving it along. Scaffolding cuts all this out and allows you to walk from point to point without coming down.
  1. It is very lightweight as it is constructed from aluminium and so it can be put up quickly and taken down just as fast. This allows it to be moved quickly from point to point.
  1. Modern scaffolding comes with flooring to allow you to walk easily and safely. You can also place your tolls there so they are easy to reach when you need them.

Scaffolding has changed the building industry completely and it can provide safety for workers as well as allowing them to do their jobs better.