Despite the double glazing salesman promising you a lifetime of trouble-free windows, double glazed replacement windows do age, and once the product warranty expires, you are left with trying to find a repair centre. Of course, uPVC or aluminium replacement windows are prone to damage, and here are just a few common issues you find with double glazed windows.

  • Cantilever Hinge Breakdown – The cantilever hinges are a great design, and providing you apply no heavy pressure down on the window, the hinges should last 5-10 years. They do not need lubrication, rather rubber guides run the hinge to the opening position, and after a few years, the unit is suffering from fatigue and should be replaced. This is actually a job for local locksmiths in Kent, who are trained to carry out repairs to double glaze windows and doors.
  • Condensation in the Sealed Unit – Double glazed units are hermetically sealed, and should that seal spring a leak, this will cause air to enter, and the cold and warm meet on the inner pane of glass. Your local locksmith is also an expert with double glazing repairs, so give him a call and he can carry out an inspection and replace what is necessary. It is a straightforward job to replace a sealed unit, as the new one is exactly the same size, and once the neoprene seals are in place, the repair is complete.
  • Faulty Locks – Double glazing units all have independent locks fitted, and these are quite complex and can easily malfunction. The locksmith has a wealth of experience in repairing double glazing locks, and can easily source replacement locks, should it be necessary.

If your double glazing is in need of repair, call your local locksmith and he will pop round and carry out effective repairs.