If you love working with your hands and have a good head for heights, roofing is a very honourable trade, and in case you’re worried about the future, even modern structures require a roof. You must be prepared to work in all conditions and have a genuine interest in working with timber.

  • Roofing Apprenticeship – If you approach the expert roofing services in Halifax with a view to becoming an apprentice, you might be lucky and they would agree to you serving a four or five year apprenticeship, during which you will learn both the theory and practical side of roofing. You would probably attend a course at the local college for one day a week, while the rest of the time you would be assisting the roofer in his work. Most roofing companies would expect you to work for them for at least 2 years after they have qualified, as they have invested a lot of time and money in your training.
  • Excellent Rates of Pay – Admittedly, as an apprentice, your salary would rise progressively as you become more experienced, and once you are a qualified roofer, you can expect to enjoy a good salary. Many roofers work for 10 years before setting up their own business, and some are subcontractors, who are paid for the amount of work they do.

Understanding the Theory

A qualified roofer knows all about pitch angles, and the stress on specific roof components, and the apprentice would likely end with the young employee passing a written test at the college. This entitles you to a City & Guilds Certificate, which proves that you are a qualified roofer.