We all love trees, and let’s be honest, where would we be without these beautiful creations that nature has bestowed upon us? Trees gobble up carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen, while also providing essential shade, and if you have a few trees on your property, here is a basic guide to tree care.


Trees need regular pruning, and with the best tree surgeons in Farnborough only a phone call away. You can arrange for an arborist to prune the trees and remove the deadwood. If you would rather do the pruning, you will need the following:

  • Pruning Cutters
  • Long Pruning Saw
  • Rake
  • Broom
  • A solid Pair of Steps

Spring is the best time to carry out tree pruning, which happens to be just around the corner, and by shaping your trees before the new growing season, they will be in the best of health.

Avoid cutting off shoots that are about to bloom, and if you are unsure about any particular species (how and when to prune), Google is your best friend.


Generally speaking, trees obtain their nourishment from the ground, and in the UK, trees usually have more than enough water. If you inspect your trees, look for signs of disease, such as an unusual amount of deadwood, and any signs of fungi growth.

Annual Inspection

If you ask your local tree surgeon, he’d be happy to pay you an annual visit, when he would carry out the pruning and inspect all the trees, ensuring they are in the best of health. If any tree requires something other than pruning, the expert will make you aware of the options, and in some cases, mature trees need to be removed.