While the thought of throwing shrimp on a doll that girls play with may sound odd, the word ‘barbie’ is actually in reference to a barbecue grill. In Australia, people nickname the barbecue grill the barbie, and because Australia is an island nation, they ‘throw shrimp on the barbie’ especially in Perth. When people think of barbecue grills and seafood, they think of the outdoors, the backyard, and pool parties. However, if you have a pool, you want to have a good fence around it, and you should choose Premier Pool Fencing & Decking because they have the best pool fence construction in Perth

Why does your pool need a fence?

One obvious reason why your pool needs a fence is safety. Many babies and toddlers drown in pools all over the world every year. If you have a toddler, you may like to throw a lot of pool parties near your barbecue grill, and while your pool area may offer your toddler hours of enjoyment and socializing opportunities, it can soon turn into a dangerous and watery grave if your toddler falls into the pool and no one is around to pull him or her out to safety in time.

So why Premier Pool Fencing & Decking

Since building a fence around a pool is an involved and expensive process, you only want to do it right once. Premier Pool Fencing & Decking is your best choice in this regard because they offer a myriad of choices in terms of pool fence design and construction, and all of this is at a price which you can afford. One main gripe for people who want to install a fence around their pool is the high cost of doing so. Installing a fence around your porch (forget about around the pool) can easily cost $2,000, and remember that the pool has a much larger area in terms of square feet! Another great and very important reason why you should choose this company for your pool fencing needs is because their fences are very durable and ensure safety because they meet all Australian and global regulations!

Now you can have a frameless glass fence around your pool!

Huh, wait, a frameless glass fence around my pool? How does this work? While it may sound impossible and counterproductive to its main goal of ensuring safety for people who use the pool, frameless glass fences are actually becoming a very popular construction material of choice for pool fences. The reason why is because of their natural beauty which will only enhance the beauty inherent in your backyard and pool area. But most importantly, their tubular design will enforce their primary objective of safety!

If you want a frameless glass fence around your pool…

If you have decided that you want a frameless glass fence around your pool, simply to to Premier Pool Fencing & Decking website for a free online quote, wait for a call from a friendly and knowledgeable customer service rep, and take it from there!