It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to redecorate the living room or the hallway, there are certain principles to apply. Removing everything from the room, and using dustsheets where required, are just two aspects of the preparation, and with that in mind, here are a few tips of decorating.

  • Know What you are Doing – In other words, you should have decided on colours, materials and layout prior to doing anything. The best painting & decorating services in Edinburgh would have this down to a fine art, and starting with the ceiling, you work your way down, ensuring the floor is well protected.
  • The Right Tools – Essential that you have everything you need, and by making a list, you can do a single shop for both materials and tools. Brushes, rollers, scrapers, sandpaper and a good pair of stepladders should all be on your list, and lots of filler will be needed for walls and frames.
  • Preparation – Ask any seasoned painter & decorator and they’ll happily confirm that the key to a professional job lies in the preparation. You can’t simply apply a coat of paint to a wall, for example, rather you need to scrape the wall to remove any bumps, then after brushing away the dust, you need to fill and hollows, which is then sanded down before the application of paint.

Working from top to bottom, open the windows to allow some ventilation, and after cutting the edges with a brush, you can apply the roller, which is a great tool if used properly. Dust is always an issue, especially when painting, so allow a little time for dust to settle after cleaning.