It is only natural for the homeowner to want to know the ins and outs of a boiler service, and whether you are knowledgeable about this or not, it is absolutely essential that your boiler receives regular attention.  A central heating boiler is a complex piece of equipment, and as the unit is working almost all the time providing heat and hot water, it must be serviced regularly.

The Boiler Service

You can book a boiler service online, and don’t be surprised if the engineer requests that the heating be on when he arrives. This allows the technician to inspect the heating system while it is in use, and a typical boiler service would include:

  1. External Physical Inspection – Looking for signs of corrosion or leaks. Corrosion is a common issue in UK homes, thanks to the moist climate, so the technician would be looking for this.
  2. Inspecting the burner – Whether gas of oil fired, your boiler’s burner needs to be checked, looking for a blue flame, which is a sign of a clean burn.
  3. Testing the Thermostat – An inaccurate thermostat can waste a lot of energy, and with experienced boiler repairs in Alfreton, the problem is soon identified and the thermostat is replaced.
  4. Flue Inspection – The flue is important, as it channels away harmful carbon monoxide gas, and the technician would check for obstructions and ensure the flue walls are in good shape.

    The boiler engineer would check the radiators in every room, and should there be a need for repairs or replacements, you would be the first to know.