For many UK homeowners, converting the loft is the most cost-effective way of increasing their living space, and if you have a loft which is basically empty, why not make the best use out of the available space? If you had never considered a loft conversion, here is a basic guide to show you what exactly is involved.

  • Creating the Floor – The very first thing to do is create the floor, as this gives the builder a solid platform on which to work. If you have fibreglass insulation laid between the roof joists, this needs to be removed, and sheets of chipboard are nailed directly onto the joists, which provides a solid floor.
  • Inserting Skylights – You will need at least two skylights, one at each end of the loft, which will provide that much-needed natural lighting, and with double glazed units that can open, you also have good ventilation. If you would like quote for a loft conversion, talk to local builders in Whitchurch, who have a wealth of hands-on experience carrying out loft conversions.
  • Cladding the Internal Roof – This will provide you with a ceiling, and the fibreglass you removed from the floor can now be put to good use, creating a layer of insulation between the roof and the ceiling.
  • Boxing in the Water Tank – Plywood makes for the ideal material to hide the water tank, and you can also box in any pipework that runs through the loft, making for a pleasant interior that can be decorated according to your tastes.

After that, it is a question of decorating the new living space, and with a drop down set of steps, you have easy access.