You might have a very expensive Persian rug that has seen better days; years of exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can fade carpet, and have accepted that nothing can be done. Yet, there are options, and by searching online for quality rug restoration in London, a list of carpet care specialists will pop up, and you can ask for an expert to pay you a visit and give you his professional opinion.

  • Fading Colour – This is very common, as the fibres are affected by direct sunlight, and over the years, there will be noticeable differences in colour. Luckily, colour restoration is available, and such is the skill of the carpet care technician, he will guarantee to match the colour perfectly. You no longer have to consider replacing the rug, which would never be a cheap experience, as the carpet care master can restore a carpet to its original state.
  • Design Additions – The carpet care expert can add borders and designs to any carpet or rug, which opens up many possibilities. If you’ve always said a nice border around the edge of the rug would look good, now is your chance. You can put on your creative hat and see where it leads, and you could transform an old rug with a few additions here are there.
  • Stain Removal – This is a major part of the carpet care technician’s work, and he can confidently boast that he can remove any stain, which is possible due to powerful chemical cleaning agents that get right to the root of the carpet fibres.

If you have a carpet or rug that is badly stained, call up your local carpet care specialist who can assess the stain and recommend a treatment to remove it.