The roof is the most important component of the house, and should it be in need of repair, this should be carried out promptly, before too much damage is caused. A leaking roof means water is getting into the internal structure, and water and timber don’t mix, and the longer it goes on, the more damage is caused. Replacing rafters and joists is an expensive repair, which is why you should identify and repair the cause of the leak.

  • Broken or Missing Roof Tiles – This is the most common reason for a leaking roof, and if you can’t see any missing tiles from the front elevation, there could be missing tiles in a corner, or behind the chimney. The best solution is to contact affordable roofers in Leeds, who would be happy to inspect your roof, and they would issue you with a written report on the roof’s condition.
  • Identifying the Leak – If all the roof tiles are in place, then the water might be getting in through damaged flashing, and a roofer would soon pinpoint the affected area and make the necessary repairs. Storm damage is a major risk, as heavy debris flying through the air can certainly damage a roof, which is why you should always examine the roof after a heavy storm or gale-force winds.

The best way to approach roof repairs is adopting a preventative repair practice, which greatly reduces the chance of a major roof repair, and should you see damp patches on the ceilings, this is a sure sign that the roof has been compromised.