If you are in need of extra living space, but are fearful of the high cost of building work, then a loft conversion could well be the answer. When you think about it, the space is already there, and rather than forking out a fortune to build an extension, minimal alterations will provide you with that much-needed extra living space.

What is Involved?

If you use the experienced building services in Epping, this is what they would recommend:

  • Create the flooring with Plywood, which is affixed to the joists.
  • Box in water tanks and other immovable objects.
  • Create a ceiling by fixing chipboard to the inside of the roof.
  • Minor features depending on what you want.
  • Building a drop-down ladder and widening the loft entrance.

Of course, every loft is unique, and it is only after a consultation and an inspection that the builder can make recommendations.

Multi- Uses

You can use the loft conversion in the following ways:

  • Create an extra bedroom
  • Build a man cave
  • Use the room as a study centre for the kids
  • Create an office

Roof Insulation

Normally, you would have fibreglass insulation laid on top of the joists, which prevents valuable heat from rising up into the loft, and in the case of a loft insulation, this would be removed, and insulation would be inserted into the ceiling the builder creates. Effective insulation eliminates the need for loft heating, as the heat from the home would rise up into the loft, and when you consider the very low cost of a loft conversion, it does make for a very attractive proposition indeed.