If you are about to take possession of your new build, the garden is most certainly something to consider. Traditionally, the back garden in the very last project of all, and most likely you have a flat and level area to work with, which is where your garden design will begin.

Take Stock of What you Have

Ask any experienced landscapers in Weybridge, and they will tell you to make the best use of what you have, before thinking about importing anything. If your garden is flat, you can create a split-level garden by moving earth around, and the soil you need to dig out for the terrace can be put to good use in other areas.

Think Maintenance

We all like to see a manicured lawn and attractive flower beds, but before you add features to your floor plan, consider how much maintenance there will be with your concept. If you like to potter around in the garden, all well and good, but if you aren’t too keen on garden maintenance, then your design should reflect this.

Features to Consider

The following garden features are easily incorporated into a design:

  • Terrace
  • Rockery
  • Lawn
  • Pond and Waterfall
  • Water Fountain

With some careful consideration, you should end up with a doable floorplan that might or might not include all of the above. Drawing the plan to scale will help you to visualise the finished product, and then you can begin to crunch the numbers and calculate the cost.

Of course, you will need the right tools and equipment, plus a week or two of free time, or failing that, get in touch with a local landscape gardener and show him your plan. Either way, your new garden will soon become a reality.