Running a family home takes a lot of organising, and as there are many complex systems that come together to provide you with shelter, and should there ever be an issue, you will need to act quickly. If water is involved, you will need to turn the water off at the mains (before you do anything) to limit the damage, and with that in mind, here are some domestic service numbers you really should have stored in your smartphone.

  1. Emergency Locksmith – Most of us experience being locked out of the home – popping out to get the mail on a windy day is all it takes, and more often than not, the weather is far from friendly. With emergency locksmith services in Newark, you will soon be back in the warm and there won’t be any damage when the locksmith gains entry.
  2. Emergency Plumber – There is always a risk of a burst water pipe, and while we can minimise the risk by insulating pipes and leaving the heating on, if an outside section of pipe freezes over, the expansion will likely cause the pipe to rupture.
  3. Local Roofing Contractor – Let’s hope you never need to use their services, but in the event of storm damage, you must act quickly in order to minimise the damage caused by water seeping into the roof.
  4. Tree Surgeon – If you have mature trees on your property, they will need regular care and attention, and should the worst happen and a storm causes a tree to become dangerous, it is essential to call in an expert as soon as possible.

With the above numbers safely stored in your smartphone, you are ready for just about anything and don’t forget to inspect the building on a regular basis.