Many of us do it and more than once. We were in a hurry and we then rush out of the house or business, pull the door behind us and then realise that we have left the keys inside. Once we get over the initial shock, we know what to do then.

Get on the phone and call the local locksmith in the SE10 area to come out and change the lock and give us a new set of keys. Simple. However, locksmiths do much more than this and we will list some of them here.

  1. Many of us have UPVC windows and doors installed in our homes as they are extremely popular. Their locking mechanisms and very strong and when we lose the keys or the lock gets broken, your local locksmith can replace them with ease.
  2. Many of us leave our windows slightly open to let the breeze in but sometimes the wind catches the window and slams it shut. Glass gets cracked or broken. Your local locksmith can also repair your glass.
  3. None of us want it to happen, but it happens to the best of us. A break-in is a nightmare and you need the locksmith out immediately to change all the locks so that you can feel safe again. Emergency locks are a speciality and they can change them all, in no time.

So next time you need your locks changing, call your local locksmith but bear in mind that they do lots of other things as well.