We all love to come home to a warm and cosy home, especially in the dead of winter, and while we all tend to take our central heating very much for granted, like any other complex system, it needs a little care and attention if it is to perform as it was designed to. For most of the year, your boiler fires up on a regular basis, heating the water that is pumped around the home, and without regular maintenance, things can quickly go wrong.

The Burner

A crucial component, the burner delivers the flame that heats the water, and like most parts, it does have a lifespan, and when it reaches the end of its life, it can malfunction at any time. Sometimes the burner can be repaired, but failing that, a new unit is the best course of action, and with affordable boiler servicing in Gosport, any issues can be quickly resolved.

Other Main Components

Your central heating system has the following components:

  • Thermostat – This tells the boiler to fire when a certain temperature is reached.
  • Flue – This is the escape route for the carbon monoxide gas, which is essential.
  • Water Pump – The water pump sends the hot water around the home and should it cease working, you will have no heating or hot water.

Proper Service Intervals

Your boiler should be serviced before the winter sets in, as this will ensure it can handle constant use, and most homeowners will have the boiler serviced in the spring as well. At least once a year is recommended, which should be carried out by a qualified heating engineer.