Are you looking for an experienced painter who offers both interior and exterior services? Are you unsure about what to ask a contractor? These essential questions will help you find the best possible expert painter in your area.

Do they specialise in painting?

Many customers tend to opt for a handyman rather than a qualified painter and decorator, the main reason is that they want to save money. The problems with hiring a handyman is that they don’t specialise in painting, most of the time they don’t specialise in anything, they provide general services.

What way do they approach the project?

If you are aiming to hire a company who provide the best painting services in Dulwich, South London or Kent, you’ll want to know how they approach each project. It is vitally important to ask each tradesman about their system, they should have no issues talking you through the whole process.

Do they provide a detailed quote?

When considering a contractor, you should opt for a company who are willing to provide a detailed breakdown of their services, this should include areas such as:

  • Materials
  • Labour
  • Additional Expenses

How long will the job take?

You’ll want to hire a company who completes the job on time and to a high standard, not a contractor who can’t provide a completion date. Most painting specialists will charge a higher rate, but they offer exceptional services.

When choosing a painter and decorator, you should opt for a company with plenty of specific experience, a handyman won’t produce the same quality of work as a skilled tradesman.