Carpet is a great floor covering in both homes and businesses. It offers a level of warmth and comfort that other types of floor coverings simply can’t match. This is why so many homeowners till opt to have carpet. The problem is that carpet can get pretty grubby, and there comes a time when no amount of regular cleaning or vacuuming will make it look fresh.

What Happens to Carpet?

If you have a stained or really dirty carpet, the good news is that professional carpet cleaning services in Cheltenham can make it look fresh again. So, how does your carpet get so dirty and grubby after a while? Consider the following:

  • Stains: Whether it’s wine or food, stains will get into the fibres of your carpet and can be very difficult to get rid of.
  • Food debris: Even though you can’t see them, those crumbs from the bits of food that are dropped on the carpet will lodge in the deepest layers of your carpet and sit there. In some cases, they can even attract pests and cause smells.
  • Crushing: Even the lushest long pile carpet will eventually be crushed underfoot. This can make the carpet you invested a lot of money in look old and worn.

What Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Do?

When you hire a professional carpet cleaner, they will use higher grade cleaners and use equipment that lifts away old stains and gets to the deeper layers of carpet. This will get rid of debris, pet stains, and smells. It will also revive the pile of your carpet, which will make it look fresh again.