When you need to switch out your curtains, you need to base your decision on the type of fabric and the brand. Whilst you will be choosing bespoke curtains, you also need to consider their origination. By working with a window treatment retailer, you can find just the right curtains for your living space.

Design Suggestions and Services

Making a choice for Dartford curtains is easier when you consider what you need to add. Curtains should be designed so you enjoy the following:

  • Weights in the seams and corners, to keep the curtains looking their best
  • Pressing, hanging, and dressing by fitters
  • Quality linings, some made with blackout materials, per your preferences
  • Various curtain designs from which to choose, including valance headings

Finishing Accents

You also need to factor in the finishing accents. Do you want to choose a more traditional or contemporary look? If you opt for traditional, you may want to choose pencil and pinch pleat curtain design. On the other hand, if you would like a more contemporary look, you may prefer the addition of tab tops or eyelets.

Making a Colour Selection

Next, you need to consider the pattern and colours. Do you want to add a plaid look or would you rather choose a paisley print? What colours do you prefer? Do you tend to favour neutral shades or would you like to go brighter? If your room displays darker walls, you should choose a lighter colour in a curtain. If your walls are lighter, choose patterned curtains in medium or darker. The idea is to complement the look of the ceiling and walls.