When you have trees on your property, you may realise that they require a bit of work to maintain. For example, young trees may need support and special soil while they are growing. Older trees may need to be protected from, or treated for, illness. A tree surgeon is often the person to call for these jobs.


You may notice some fungus or insects on your tree. These can be harmful to the structure of the tree. Some parts of the tree may need to be removed when illness strikes. Check with an affordable tree surgeon in Bournemouth to find out what needs to be done. Ailing branches may need to be removed so the illness does not spread. Branches that are rotting may also fall on people and cause injuries. In extreme cases, the entire tree may need to be removed. Look out for signs of illness.

  • Excessive amount of insects
  • Fungus
  • Rotting branches


You can keep your trees healthy by hiring a professional to handle the maintenance of your trees. You must learn a lot to care for your trees properly. A specialist can come in and help you learn to care for your yard. If you have a large piece of land, it may also be too time consuming to do everything on your own. A professional tree surgeon can assess the trees on your property and offer a maintenance schedule.

Trees need to be cared for properly, so they can grow for many years. A tree surgeon can help to remove branches or treat an ailing tree. They can also provide maintenance form the time you first plant your new trees. Call a professional to keep your land beautiful and safe.