The idea of sitting in front of a cosy fire loses its appeal when you have not had your chimney cleaned. That is because the creosote that builds up in a chimney can easily trigger a fire. If you have not had your chimney cleaned in over a year, you need to do something about it now.

Why You Should Have Your Chimney Swept

By contacting experienced chimney sweep services in Newton Abbot, you can realise the following:

  • A cleaner and safer fireplace
  • Better insurance rates as some insurers will lower your premium if you show that you have your chimney regularly cleaned
  • Added tar removal, which ensures both safety and cleanliness

You may wonder how often you should have your chimney cleaned as chimneys burn different types of fuels.

Maintaining a Regular Schedule of Cleaning

As a general guideline, follow the cleaning schedule below:

  • Chimneys that release gas or oil fuels should be cleaned yearly
  • Chimney that burn wood should be chimney swept four times per year when they are routinely used
  • Chimneys that emit coal smoke should be cleaned twice yearly
  • Clean chimneys that emit smokeless fuels yearly

If you burn wood quite often or your chimney has heavy deposits of tar, you should use a chimney cleaning log. This type of log reduces tar accumulation and improves flue performance. Place one or two logs in your fireplace or stove before lighting them. After using the cleaning log, schedule a chimney sweep cleaning about 10 to 30 days later.

Once you get into the habit of cleaning your chimney, you will feel more at peace and better about paying for the service.