When you have a large office building full of people, it is pertinent that fire safety is a priority. You may also be responsible for a building that hosts many guests throughout the day. Malls, restaurants, and theatres can have hundreds of people in them. A fire safety inspection can help you find out if your precautions are adequate. You can even go a step further and train all of the staff in fire safety.


Most cities have laws in place that pertain to fire equipment. There is usually an annual inspection that can help you see if you are handling the situation properly. All of the smoke alarms must be in the right places and be in working order. There should also be accessible fire extinguishers.  If your establishment is not up to code, you may have to call in a professional to get things set up right.

  • Plenty of smoke alarms
  • Fire extinguishers throughout building with instructions on them
  • Map of building with exit routes


The staff can benefit from top rated fire safety training in Edinburgh. When you have a well-trained staff, they can help guests who may panic if a fire starts. It is important to have people who are trained to follow protocol and help others through a scary moment. You can also get people out of the building faster if your staff is trained to get them organised fast. Lives can be saved when people know what to do in an emergency. Otherwise, the situation can become chaotic.

All buildings, even residential ones, should be properly equipped with smoke alarms. Carbon monoxide detectors are also helpful. A proper escape route needs to be memorised so you can lead others to safety if they begin to panic. Professional safety training can increase confidence in your employees, as well.