home build

Have you ever driven past a new home build site and wondered what actually goes into building a brand new neighborhood. It seems like one day there is a sign up showing the land is for sale and then a short time later machinery is brought in to begin the digging and building process. Before you know it, a couple model houses are up for potential buyers to walk through and plan their next home. But what exactly goes into this process?

Once the land is acquired the construction company then turns to their team of dedicated blueprint experts to draw out the new homeowner’s association plans. This will include the incorporation of streets, entry points, main roads if none exist and each lot size for each future home to be built. The neighborhood plans also take into consideration amenities such as running trails, water features, neighborhood parks, clubhouses, pools and other green spaces for the homeowners to enjoy.

It is easy to say that a lot of planning goes into designing and building a new homeowners association. How exactly does the developer plan out the specific lot sizes? This is simple. Once the land is acquired, they will look at the plans for the streets and common spaces. The remaining buildable portions will then be subdivided into lot sizes. This is common practice for any type of land divisions south australia and regions worldwide. This will then help the developer decide upon the standard house size. In a homeowner’s association with smaller and more compact lot sizes a more compact house will do. These houses will have attached garages and typically build up to maximize square footage and livable space. Developments in more rural regions that allow for larger lot sizes will also accommodate larger home sizes. These larger homes typically have 2,000 or more square feet per house.

Once the lot plans are printed potential buyers can begin considering what lot they will want their future house on. A mobile sales office will immediately be set up on the build site. The first houses built will be the model homes. These are exact replicas of the houses that will be featured throughout the association. Potential buyers will come into the sales office and look at the drawn-up plans. They will decide which model of home they would like after looking at the floor plans. In some cases, the builder does not need to know the specific model. They may even encourage the buyers to wait until the model homes are built for them to tour before deciding. The main thing buyers must decide upon is the exact lot they want their home built on. They will leave a monetary deposit to hold their build site and then a future date will be set for them to decide upon the exact house they want built on that site. As the construction progresses the buyers will be called into the sales office several times to go over specific add on features they want in their home. They will be able to select lighting options, appliances, paint colors, flooring types and many other finishing touches to make their new house feel like home from the minute they walk through the door.