Homeowners can grow so attached to the existing design of their houses that they are often reluctant to make additions when space grows tight. There are countless reasons to get an addition to your house, rather than deputizing what little space you have left and making the house feel cramped.

You Have a New Addition to the Family

Are you expecting a new baby? Does your newly graduated son need a place to live while he pays off his college debt? Or are your in-laws going to use your house for their retirement home? You will need to analyze your available space to prepare the arrival of a new member of the household. Rather than forcing current residents to share a room or convert your exercise room/basement into a bedroom, you can keep everyone comfortable and happy by building an additional section of house for the newcomers.

You’ve Started Working from Home

More and more companies are hiring telecommuters, hoping to save money on renting office space. It’s not always easy to simply convert an existing room into a home office. Rather than remodeling an existing bedroom, talk to a contractor and design your perfect home office. You can choose the size, add as many outlets as you want, and even have it built with soundproofing materials.

You Need More Hobby Space

It can be difficult to take up a home hobby that requires a lot of space, such as collection or professional photography. By building an addition, you’ll never have to worry about your extensive rock collection making your home look like a quarry. You can have it built with the perfect amount of space, shelves, and other features to ensure that your can enjoy your interests without bothering anyone.