Wallcover can be applied in the kitchen and bathroom. Choose a plastic or vinyl-coated, easy to clean up.

Kitchen and bathroom are the two areas, where people rarely apply wallcover. Splashing water, oil, and dirt is a threat to wallcover. Too often exposed to a variety of spray, the course will destroy wallcover. Inevitably, have to spend more money to replace them.Looks like this assumption had to be abandoned. Wallcover no longer synonymous with wallpaper made from paper. Now available wallcover with various materials. Special to protext it from splashing water or sewage, you can use wallcover vinyl or plastic materials.

In addition to better resistance to water splashes and humidity, wallcover is also easy to clean. If accidentally exposed to oil splashes or dirt, simply take a damp cloth then wipe.
That is why, vinyl or plastic-coated wallcover properly used in dry areas of the kitchen and bathroom. So, do not need to hesitate anymore to provide interesting patterns and motifs wallcover in the kitchen and bathroom.