Preparing for baby’s room is one of the very fun activities to welcome the babyhome. When preparing a special room for the baby, we have to consider several things such as:

Choose a simple and practical baby gear
The equipment that must exist in the nursery room is a baby bed and a table. Choose a baby bed and a table that has a simple and practical design.
Although currently you find many models of baby bed and many table designs that are unique and attractive, choose a simple baby bed and table that you are easy to lull your baby.
You should also consider the durability of the baby bed so that it can be used in a long time. Choose crib that is large enough so that it can be used by infants until the age of 2-3 years.

When choosing a crib, you should select a bed that has a high lattice so the baby does not fall from the bed.
Table is used to bathe the baby, dressing, changing diapers and clothes, and put the baby toiletries. When the baby is already big and is no longer possible to use a table for baby, you can use the table as child’s wardrobe.
So you do not need to buy a new wardrobe for your child. In addition to be used as a wardrobe, a former baby table can also be used as a desk, a shelf for toys, and bookshelves.
Baby table can also be used as a writing desk as long as it is not made from soft foam and fits into a desk.
Prepare a special chair for breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is a very important period for the development and growth of the baby. Therefore, the mother should have a special place for breastfeeding. In the baby’s room, you should prepare a comfortable chair for breastfeeding process, so it can run smoothly.
The selection of colors
Choose bright colors such as pink, blue, yellow, orange and white color as the dominant color of the baby’s room. For example, you can apply those colors to the furniture, it can be white, yellow, or orange. You can apply other bright colors for the other properties